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April 7, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Okay Bros, this is Breck’s Promo Video of EX Terrain Lake Chutes, so you decide, Breck EX or the Legend?

    Comment by steepchutes | April 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. Okay Chris, this is cool. I really like your site. Yes, someone needs to score our favorite terrain. I look forward to seeing the scores you come up with and trashing your thought! Just kidding, I bet I’ll agree. I’m glad you’re doing this Chris.

    Shread up a storm!


    Comment by Katie (Frostie) Janson | April 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. Great Job with this site. I hope the limited information I gave you a few weeks ago was helpful. Obviously you visited with Lou and his site. I vote for the Legend. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Keep it up.

    Comment by polarpatroller | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. Polarpatroller,

    Your help was instrumental. I’ve gotten a great deal of good feedback, and am only too glad to offer up my time in support of this effort. I appreciate the 3d map suggestion too, Dale Greer has a great utility for terrain mapping, and I appreciated his input, as well.

    I’ve shot quite a few pictures and a bit of video sequence in the notches, and plan to post a short and sweet video clip, as well.


    Comment by steepchutes | April 18, 2008 | Reply

  5. Hey dude, nice site. Was up ther today, great time. We did the first notch, and Narrow, not quite sure why they call it narrow, the notch is narrower. But, the best open steep in May, matter of fact most runs were still open. Basin’s a gas. Hey, caution abot crust, a bit of ice, and some exposed rock. Not bad, but take time in sections to look before you ride. Great new snow down lower after turning the big corner. The basin rules. Don’t no much about rating, but seems to make sense.

    Comment by Jason Leadn | May 4, 2008 | Reply

  6. I read the last post so went to the Basin today. Okay, took half a day of vacation from work. 😉

    Yes, those great runs are still open! Thanks Jason. The First and Second Notches, Narrow, and North Pole, all of them.

    Sure, this time of year has it’s little challenges. I did the First Notch first. The snow was mash potatoes and there were some exposed rocks. Just like the last post said, all the runs at the Legend were open. That’s some kind of great record.

    Hum, my note of caution about First Notch is similar but a bit different. I suspect I hit the chutes a little later in the day (around 1:00pm, so there wasn’t as much frozen crust. However, there was more exposed rock than my last great day a few weeks back. I did half a dozen turns off the cornice, and then stopped, and zig zaged forward and backward through a couple of exposed rock areas. Not too bad though, and once through the rocky area the rest was a blast.

    On the other hand if you’re facing downhill in the First Notch, and stay either extreme right or left, against the cliff walls, then the snow’s still solid most of the way. That could change in a few days.

    I also did the Narrow. Okay, that was a bit of an interesting start, with some more exposed rock to ski to and side step around, but on the other hand, after 100 or so feet, the rest of the wall was great spring skiing on mash potatoes. I ran out of time to do the second notch, but if the snow’s soft in the 3rd class climb-in, it looks pretty darn good from there down.

    Who knows with warm weather how much longer they’ll be open, maybe with a lucky snow fall that clock could extend some, but it’s nearly a month after closure of most ski areas, and the Legend is still going strong!

    It’s plain great to say I took a lift, a short hike and got a day in like that today in May. Thanks Legend folks!

    Comment by Chris | May 7, 2008 | Reply

  7. Steep Chutes. Okay, you’ve taken a nice first shot at applying the Wildsnow rating to inbounds terrain, but I have a few thoughts, as a free rider. At first I was thinking what’s this guy up to taking free terrain grading and applying this system to an inbound ride. Okay, having skiied the Notches on the upper east wall I know why you’ve done this, but I disagree with, as you say, “your shameless first attempt to rate” your words not mine.

    Alright, I hate to disagree, especially when you see where I go with this rating, but I must contest your scoring of the 2nd Notch. If you ski this properly, meaning drop-in directly from the backside cornice and shoot the gap between rock bands, this line is inherently more dangerous than your score indicates. So if you’re going to be fair here, a direct line into this chute (as I recommend is the right way to ski this line) deserves at least the following score:

    The 2nd Notch is at least a Grade I routes are usually done in a few hours. A minimum of D14 – Terrain more difficult, steep sections longer. Steepest section probably around 50 degrees, and an R3 – Route probably has sliding fall potential if snow is firm, moderate amount of obstacles or features that could cause injury, or moderate exposure to rockfall, tributary avalanches and other dangers.

    By the way, the damn thing isn’t open now March 6th 2009, which if it were out-of-bounds, I’d do it today. Rats!

    Comment by VZ Max | March 6, 2009 | Reply

  8. Okay, I’m a friend of VZ, he’s so hardcore. I havent been 2 the Upper East wall ever. But I have done some of the Lake Chutes. Oooh that wind blows. Anyway, I think you’ve given too steep numbers. I meand they are steep don’t get me wrong either,b ut… 50 degrees is all I couuld do and I did these, at least some of these chutes. Which guy or guyz are you? Like where’s your picture? Cool site but pretty tecnical. My firend VZ says it’s good though cuz it’s needed. I’m sort of drunk. He’s laughing jerk! Time to ski this off.

    Comment by Sarrah Shane nickname (Less) for Shaneless dum dumb! | March 6, 2009 | Reply

  9. Argh, we did ask for feedback so I guess it’s open season.

    Alright, I rated, or maybe under rated, the 2nd Notch based on the free ride examples associated with the D rating on Dawson’s site. Where you say, the 2nd Notch is a Grade 1, I’d agree with that for the approach, and a D14 (well I can see where your coming from if you drop this straight in w/o hiking down the first 25ft over the rocks), and a R13, well, I would agree there as that’s what I listed in my first shameless scoring.

    Okay, the reason I put the initial score as a D10-11 for the 2nd Notch is because of the examples of D ratings on Dawson’s site. For example, if I were to follow your logic and look adjacent to the example of a D14 R3 route I’d see a free ride on the following: Park Headwall, Mount Baker, CJ Couloir, Johannesburg Mtn. (III D14 R4), Skillet Glacier, Mount Moran, Tetons, (VI D14 R3), or Castle Peak, East Face, Elk Mountains.

    VZ, in good conscience I do not think the 2nd notch can compare with any of these Dawson D14 R3 out-of-bounds free ride routes, not so much for lacking in objective hazard, but for the hugeness of these out-of-bounds ascent/descents, albeit, mostly related to the Grade of approach versus the ½ hr hike at the Basin.

    VZ we appreciate your scoring. Thanks!

    Comment by Chris | March 6, 2009 | Reply

  10. Okay, Sarrah (or Sarah) or inebriated Shanless. Your point while drunk does make some sense. I think the Ski Patrol at Breckenridge would agree that no terrain at Lake Chutes exceeds 55 degrees, so of course you’re right in the ‘official’ sense of things. However, when the cornice’s have heavy snow loads and lots of wind the previous night, then they do get steeper, and I’ve dropped some terrain at the top that exceeds 55 degrees.

    Oh, Sarrah, be carful skiing drunk, and thanks for the post. PS Will add a picture or two of team SteepChutes so you know what we look like.

    Comment by Chris | March 6, 2009 | Reply

  11. Nice web site but you’re lacking in your current spring snow report. Cease and desist from saying all Colorado sking is over in May. I was at A Basin today on May 4th, and skied deep soft powder on the runs at the Upper East Wall. I won’t comment about how steep they are, yes they’re steep, but the snow was like December deep and light too. Don’t write off A Basin until they close their runs, and be patient, there are no ski areas in the U.S. that are open now with this quality of sking. Come look for your self before you report, okay? Thanks Jacky

    Comment by jaclyn burdeu | May 6, 2009 | Reply

  12. Jaclyn or Jacky:

    Thanks for the blog post. Well, I talked my boss into letting me take a half a day off to check the accuracy of my website (what a lame excuse to ski, but it worked). Yes, here I am on Cinco de Mayo, and wow, that snow was fantastic. All the notches on the Upper East Wall were open, and the half foot of soft snow on a nice deep base in steep notches was, well, stupendous! Thanks Jacky for getting me out of my office chair for 3 runs this week. The Legend Continues…

    Comment by Chris | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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