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Steep Chute’s response to VZ

Argh,  we did ask for feedback so I guess it’s open season. 

Alright, I rated, or maybe under rated, the 2nd Notch based on the free ride examples associated with the D rating on Dawson’s site.  Where you say, the 2nd Notch is a Grade 1, I’d agree with that for the approach, and a D14 (well I can see where your coming from if you drop this straight in w/o hiking down the first 25ft over the rocks), and a R13, well, I would agree there as that’s what I listed in my first shameless scoring. 

Okay, the reason I put the initial score as a D10-11 for the 2nd Notch is because of the examples of D ratings on Dawson’s site.  For example, if I were to follow your logic and look adjacent to the example of a D14 R13  route I’d see a free ride on the following: Park Headwall, Mount Baker,  CJ Couloir, Johannesburg Mtn. (III D14 R4),  Skillet Glacier, Mount Moran, Tetons, (VI D14 R3), or Castle Peak, East Face, Elk Mountains. 

VZ, I do not think the 2nd notch can compare with any of these Dawson D14 R3 out-of-bounds free ride routes, not so much for lacking in objective hazard, but for the hugeness of these out-of-bounds ascent/descents, albeit, mostly related to the Grade of approach versus the ½ hr hike at the Basin.

Check out Dawson’s scoring page at:

VZ we appreciate your scoring.  Thanks!


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